Monday, June 1, 2009


bukti terlampau perkauamn dan chauvanist. mereka ini amat dendam macam komunis Bintang 3 membunuh dan sembelih orang sekitar 14 hari dari 30 ogos 1945 semasa Jepeun menyerah kalah dan British masih belum tiba di Malaya. lihatlah komen... sampai nak masukkan awang selamat dalam ISA dll. inilah mentaliti dendam dan tamak.....perkauaman yang disemai oleh PKM...!!!

perangai ini akan hancurkan 1malaysia... satu untuk semua!!! oleh itu berdamailah dan kuatkan moral untuk perpaduan antara kauam.


Monday, June 01, 2009

"Kaum Pendatang" Again...

What "1Malaysia"?

UMNO mouthpiece Utusan Malaysia's weekend edition, Mingguan Malaysia just carried another editorial which was entitled "Melayu Dikhianati" or "Malays Betrayed".

Persoalannya, kini apakah pengorbanan Melayu dikhianati oleh kaum lain?
Who betrayed them? Apparently it's the "kaum pendatang" (again) who are ungrateful towards all the "kemurahan hati orang Melayu".

They even took an alleged quote from Tun Sambanthan from 1965 (source unknown):
Di manakah anda boleh mendapat layanan politik yang baik untuk kaum pendatang? Di manakah dalam sejarah dunia? Saya bertanya kepada anda. Ini adalah fakta. Siapakah anda untuk menjaga keselamatan kami? ... Persoalannya, kini apakah pengorbanan Melayu dikhianati oleh kaum lain?
The article even went to the extent of comparing ourselves with Burma, on the fact that Indians were chased out of the country!
“Di Burma, seperti yang kita semua sedia maklum, kaum India telah diusir keluar, di Ceylon mereka tidak diberikan taraf warganegara seperti juga di Burma. Saya tahu dan anda juga tahu. Apa yang sedang berlaku di Malaya?
So, Najib, this is your 1Malaysia you have been preaching about? That all minority races are still "kaum pendatang" that should be treated with continued discrimination and disdain but remain eternally grateful to UMNO for all it has done?

Tan Hoon Cheng, a reporter was detained under ISA for merely reporting the "kaum pendatang" comments by a racist UMNO leader in Penang. Now, the editors of Utusan Malaysia are openly preaching "kaum pendatang", will we see equal treatment here?

Najib, you preach your "1Malaysia" concept to the minorities in this country very hard to win back their hearts and sympathies. But behind our backs, via UMNO's very own Utusan Malaysia, you continue to preach hatred, division and discrimination. Your vision and implementation of "1Malaysia" is absolutely disgraceful!


ipohMali said...

shhhh... (whispering...) you can report the truth of this 'hatred' news... since you know Utusan Malaysia is doing wrong and you reporting it is wrong for causing the 'real' hatred to the public. You might be ISAed for you safety like Tan Hoon Cheng...

Tiger said...

When there is a change of federal government in 2013, the Utusan editor will be the first to be ISA-ed!

SaPPhiRe DraGoN said...

When can only 1Malaysia be achieved? In a latest segment of BRATS in The Star newspaper, Tan Sri Muhyiddin asked what do u see in the future of, I want to ask him - what have you installed for the future of Malaysia? I really hope change will come, but God knows when...

Anonymous said...

Minorities (mostly pendatang) in the US are getting fair treatment from the government, especially in California. Mind you.

kopitelp16 said...

Yea.... about 40% of the population here are 'Pendatang'. Send these 2nd Class back and kaum 'original' can have the country all by themselves!

If these type of articles are not Seditious, then I really don't know what is? 1Malaysia is a joke from day one.

Again, it seems to prove that we have two sets of laws in Bolehland.

Malaysia Boleh!

Anonymous said...

That is why I DON'T :
buy Proton and Naza cars. That includes Hyundai and Kia as they are controlled by 'them'
pump Petronas, (only Shell owned by others)
use Telekom, (mobile works better anyway)
subscribe to Celcom, (Digi and Maxis way to go)
Fly MAS ( AirAsia & Singapore Airlines practically flies you everywhere)
and so many more.
TNB you watch out. I'm still waiting for alternative.


why give a shit to Utusan? look at their last quarter result, the company has chalked up hefty loss of RM7.4 million in one quarter. Even Malay has despised the newspaper....

Awang Selamat will be out of job son...ka ka ka

nkkhoo said...

See what the Nazi gangs' say in the comments in my blog.

These are pendatang also:

- Parameswara was from Sumatra
- Most Javanese Malays in Johor arrived in Malaysia after the independance.

As usual that UMNO running dog ignored Malays in Sri Lanka are given citizenship.

These racists have to learn from Brunei on how to manage race relations.

wil said...

This Utusan editor should be spat at. He is trying to fan Malay nationalistic feelings of antagonism towards other races. I believe only some Umno Malays might be influenced by this.

Anonymous said...

US was built by 'pendatang'. And guess what, one of the minorities just became President.

Shame on Utusan for not checking their facts and fanning the flames of division. Do I hear "Sedition" "ISA" for Messr Awang Selamat?

Carling said...

90% of the income taxes paid in this country are by the non-malays. Maybe Mingguan should consider paying more taxes so that these monies can be continued being poured into the drains of PKFZ etc. Probably its take on Burma is a bit correct, in that if the country has been left to Mingguan and its editor, this country would really become the next Burma.
BN still have not grown up after the Mar 8 loss and at the rate they are going, Isa might be waiting for them after PRU13.

Anonymous said...

I appeal to the future Pakatan Home Minister to restrict circulation of Utusan to UMNO party members only.

Vijay Kumar Murugavell

SetiaSelalu said...

Malaysia bukan Umnoputra punya tapi Rakyat berbilang kaum punya.
Semua ada lah pendatang.
Melayu dari Indonesia
Cina dari China
Indian dari India
Jika tak puas hati balik Indonesia,China & India,
Bagi Tanah balik ke ORANG ASLI(TRUE BUMIS ) Tuan Rumah Malaysia !

Anonymous said...

i) to tiget 10.42am - no we dont isa them. we sue them in court. we dont believe in the isa.

ii)to truly malaysian 11.43am - spot on, buddy. let them die frothing in the mouth. i am rubbing my hands in anticipation.

iii) for the rest of us, we must fight this war with them. we need more frontline malays like zaid ibrahim and anwar ibrahim.

iv) i think utusan is being controlled by khairy jamaluddin to embarass najis. let them fight with each other. it's good.


Anonymous said...

The non-malays are repaying the help that malays did to our grandparents by being an abiding citizent and paying taxes.

Obefiend said...


i wonder if you have proof for that. i think that is yet another urban legend

but if you have the figure please post the link here. i want to read it myself

Anonymous said...

I am a well travelled person. i travel world wide for business. i was often asked by my counterpart about the chinese and indian in Mlaysia. they relate to me what many, mostly chinese, said abt Malaysia, the land they dare called theirs but talk badly about it to impress foreigners. They are the most well to do in the country, controlled economies, the most to enjoy infrastructures and facilities provided by the gov't, and one most important thing they always took for granted, the peace & harmony and stability in M'sia. yet you dare called yourself truely malaysian.

Anonymous said...

just sharing

joenathan said...

This speech by Tun Sambanthan which was made in good faith,has been taken out of context by Utusan and some politicians to serve their own greed and to justify their injustices.

This beautiful speech has all the trappings of a great Malaysian,who wanted unity and respect for each other.

What the people failed to realize is that,Tun Sambanthan did advise us to recognize the kindness and the magnanimity of the Malays,because during his time,the politicians never called any one'pendatang' or balik Cina/India,there were abundance of camarederie amongst the people of Malaysia.He did not see institutionalized racism then.He never would have imagined that there will be such a thing as 10% discount on properties bought by a certain group even though,some of them are millionaires.He would not have imagined that,1000s of APs will be given to a certain group only.He would not have imagined that,there will be some institutions which will cater to the need of only a certain group of Malaysians.He would not have imagined that,most funds will go to the national schools and some vernacular schools will be in shambles slightly better only than a cow shed.He would not have imagined that,after half a century of Independence,Malaysia still has narly 30,000 stateless indian kids living in abject poverty.He wouldnt have imagined that,the nice Malay brethren would decades after his speech,would blame the vernacular schools for the racial polarisation in our beloved Malaysia.

He would never have imagined that,our kind Malay brethren would one day,marginalize the non-malays even from the civil service and the uniformed organizations.He would never have imagined that certain so-called criminals will be brutally killed in our prisons without charging them in a court of law.He would never have imagined,after nearly half a century of independence,there are still bonded labours in our estates treating them as slaves.He would have never imagined that the tax money contributed by non-malays faithfully,would be used disproportionately to educate and uplift the std of life of only a certain group of Malaysians.Well the list can go on and on.

Tun Sambanthan advised us to respect and be thankful to our Malay brethren,but he never said that,injustices should not be questioned.

May god continue to bless this beautiful land called,Malaysia.

Andrew said...

Mr. Awang Selamat still living in his older days whereby those days dont have monorail, lrt, computers so I can excuse him for being left behind...

Past is past, what important is now and the future of the Malaysia unity. If the malay were so concern about tat betrayal of the "kaum pendatang", why not I suggest that govmnt to put in syllabus in school to educate the "kaum pendatang" children to know their limited rights and be gladful that these children are getting Malaysia birthcert, blue IC and at the end, endup all migrating to Australia, UK, USA, etc which practice more equal rights ALTHOUGH we are "kaum pendatang"!!! "Tak suka? Keluar dari Malaysia" thingy???

All I can say is Malaysia is hopeless unless there's a reformation. "Kaum Pendatang" whom contributing 90% of taxes but we cant see any temples and kuils are funded by Malaysia govment. These "kaum pendatang" have turn Malaysia into a prosperous country, contributed so much to this country but their equality have been ignored and STILL CALL US "KAUM PENDATANG".

And for all this sh*t, we only can blame our ancestors, our parents, who brought us here instead of Aust, UK and remain as Malaysian but not truly Malaysian.


icon2008 said...

We need to ponder on lots of misunderstanding between the Bumis and the non-Bumis.

When the Bumis say that they have tolerated and sacrificed a lot for the sake of non-Bumis, they are right. However, the non-Bumis do sacrifice for the sake of Bumis as well.

The Bumis share their cakes in many privileges with non-Bumis.

As non-Bumi citizens, we only need to request for better privileges than what we have now. We do not need to question on Bumis' rights and privileges.

We can fight for more scholarship places, more temples, more churches and even more recruitments in the public sectors.

I am sure that if all these are granted, Bumis will have smaller shared cakes in those privileges.

So, why don't the lawmakers in the parliament demand the government to provide us with larger cakes for all these privileges? Only then, everyone will be happy

Anonymous said...

Andrew, it's all in your heart. If you're truly Malaysian, then be one!

Anonymous said...

Utusan must be making losses to "entice" its readers with this sort of "headline"........!!!

"NOTHING" elas to report.....???

"WHY" are they creating racial problem "again"....?????

"Now who's starting this "racist" issue...???"
A police report should be made & "shut" it down...!!!

What the bloody hell...!!!
They "must" have so much "HATERED" for them to write this...!!

Are these the teachings of "ISLAM"....?????

I don't think so...!

k said...

If Chinese are 'pendatang', then every single person in Peninsular Malaysia are 'pendatang' too, except Orang Asal(Orang Asli).

Anonymous said...

These M people (not all) are really pathetic and desperate. Since they can't grow the fruits themselves, they are now trying to pick the fruits off other people's effort. That's called stealing!

If M people are really so good and smart, 1) Malacca wouldn't have fell. No, wait a minute, Malacca wasn't founded and expanded by M people! 2) Half of the Tanah M had to be protected by Siam. 3) M had to cooperate with Japanese to chase out British, but then returned without resistance. 4) Steal the oil money from the actual bumiputera of S and S.

The list goes on, but i think i should give them some face. and dignity. Well, actually to myself. Please wake up my fellow M friends. I felt so small as an M myself.

Eric said...

This is the reason why 1Malaysia is a failure. These kind of issues are just icing on the cake. They get away with such seditious remarks. By equality, the editor should be held for questioning by police & home minister should react. Pls post this to our dear home minister for his comments & ask if it is seditious or not. Why the police don't raid the Utusan head office & take away their computers, etc. Even better, ban publishing for 1 week.

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